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Pre-made to resonate with specific outcomes or custom made for your own intention with you as a collaborative partner. We use reiki, oracle readings, and crystal healing to choose the gemstones to create the perfect meditation bracelet or necklace to match your intentions and assist you on your healing journey.

Oracle Readings

Oracle cards have the ability to make your innate knowing manifest. Monique is an International Association of Therapists accredited Angel Oracle Card Reader. Readings can help illuminate the mantra or gemstone for your custom made mala, provide you affirmation on your healing journey, and/or give you insight into the beauty and depth of who you are at your core.


Monique offers several accessible yoga classes geared toward all humans! Mala Collaborate Manitoba located at 583 St.Mary’s Rd in the lower level currently offers the following yoga classes;

Slow & Juicy Flow
Yoga Sweat
Chair Yoga
Align Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Reiki & Restorative Yoga
Family Yoga


Click here to see the schedule

Yoga management software


Monique is a nurse and a Reiki Master trained by Debbie Whyte. Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing where the Reiki practitioner becomes a conduit for universal energy. Monique believes that everyone has the capacity and capability to heal themselves by tapping into their innate wisdom and the power of the universal energy transmitted in each reiki session. Sessions are offered at the Mala Collaborate Manitoba Studio or in the comfort of your own home, cottage, or office.

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